Assistance and programs for landowners

Our office offers conservation assistance and cost-share programs to owners and operators of farmland and rural lands.
Programs change from year to year, however, the basic assistance we provide to landowners and land managers hasn’t changed much
in the more than seventy years there has been a Soil and Water Conservation office in Medina County.

Over the years this office has helped farm owners install many conservation practices including:

grassed waterways
tile drainage
animal waste storage facilities
tree planting
woodland management
water control structures
conservation tillage systems
cover crops
high tunnels
nutrient management
planspollinator enhancements

Our best service begins with a farm visit.  Looking at a particular problem area, or maybe taking a broader look at the farm operation.  Just as our name implies, we work with people to conserve soil, water and other natural resources, with a focus on reducing soil erosion and protecting water quality.  While we typically work with active farm operations primarily, our programs are also available to landowners with an interest in conserving natural resources.

 The public’s increasing interest in protecting the Environment, and specifically in water quality, has really affected the programs we offer
and the kind of advice we give. 

We recommend practices such as: 
cover crops
filter strips
Riparian forest buffers
constructed or restored wetlands
shallow water impoundments for wild life
native grass seedlings
management intensive grazing
manure composting facilities
nutrient management plans 

The goal of all these practices is to keep soils and agricultural nutrients on the farm, maintain high quality soils to produce food, fiber, wildlife and prevent pollution of our streams, lakes and groundwater.

Federal cost-share programs help landowners install conservation practices, cropland rental or easement programs provide some income on land which is put to a more permanent conservation use. 

These programs include:
Environmental Quality Incentive Program(EQIP)
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
Conservation Stewardship Program (CStP)
Conservation Reserve Program (CREP)
Wetland Reserve Program (WRP)

We encourage you to look at the broader picture, usually in the form of a Conservation Plan, for the entire farm or property.
More information on these and other NRCS Programs contact Medina NRCS at 330-722-2628