January 7th, 2023 is the day that it is officially illegal to sell, plant, and grow Callery pear trees and their many cultivars in the state of Ohio. But what is the Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) and why is this achievement being celebrated?

The Callery pear (also known as Bradford pear) is a tree native to Asia. These trees were thought to be sterile; this trait paired with their spring flowers made them out to be the “perfect” landscaping tree. However, due to cross pollination, this tree soon became highly invasive, escaping from their planted locations into fields and other natural areas.

The mass quantities of Callery pear in natural spaces have created food deserts for wildlife, especially insects, by choking out our native hardwoods and degrading the quality of habitat.

It’s time to ditch the Callery pear. Join us in the Medina County Invasive Species Buy-Back Program to help improve Medina’s habitats!


All photos must be submitted by September 1st.

We are now accepting photo submissions of removed Callery pear (and its cultivars), autumn olive, or bush honeysuckle.
Photo must include you with the targeted invasive species cut down.
Additional photos with a close-up of removed species is preferred for identifying purposes.

Due to this being a first-come, first-served program, submissions will be reviewed in the order they are received. Please allow at least 5 business days before getting a response to your email submission. After your submission is accepted, you will be sent a link to select your tree or shrub to replace your removed invasive species.

While we encourage the removal of all the invasive species on your property, this program is a 1:1 trade in with a limit of one native species per household. 

Submission photos can be sent to: medinainvasivebuyback@gmail.com

**Any photos sent directly to any other email will not be accepted.**

All photos must be submitted by September 1st.

Invasive Species Buy-Back Pick-Up:  
Pick up date for native plant trade in will be held at the Native Plant Festival located at the Oenslager Nature Center in Sharon Township on September 2nd, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

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What is the Medina County Invasive Species Buy-Back program?

Medina County Soil & Water Conservation District and Medina County Park District are teaming up to put on this project with goals to improve watershed health by encouraging homeowners to remove invasive species from their property.

We’re specifically targeting Callery pear, autumn olive, and bush honey suckle. If you have one of these species on your property, this summer you’ll have a chance to get a free native plant in exchange for cutting down/removing the targeted invasive species out of your yard. Tree and shrub quantities are limited, so this program is first-come, first-served. Receiving a tree and shrub is not guaranteed. 

Who can participate?

Any Medina County resident may participate in the program as long as they remove a designated invasive plant from their property.

Residents should NOT remove trees or shrubs from the “tree lawn” which is the space between the public sidewalk and the street/curb. Tree lawns are managed by the municipality and should not be altered.

Medina SWCD and Medina County Park District is not responsible for any injuries obtained from invasive species removal for this program.

This program is sponsored by Dominion Energy & Western Reserve Land Conservancy through the Watershed Health Project Mini Grant. An additional donation was made by the Rocky River Watershed Council to help support the program.