Sign Our Streams 

The District’s “Sign Our Streams” program is a public awareness campaign. Signs raise awareness and create a way for the public to become invested in streams of which they might have been unaware. 

If you wish to bolster stream recognition or if you are simply looking for an unusual gift for that person who has everything, consider sponsoring a stream crossing through SOS. 

Signs display the stream name, artwork, and your name or message. Artwork for the signs was designed by local high school students, and are unique to each named stream. 

Signs will be erected one on either side of the stream crossing, unless they pose a visibility or safety issue. Stream crossings across state routes cannot be signed unless they are within city limits. 

Sponsorship fee is $150

Click here for Sponsorship Form

Bluebird Houses

Bluebird Houses: made from cedar.  Should be placed near mixed hardwood forest or grasslands.  Boxes should be mounted on posts about five feet above the ground.

$22.00 each plus tax

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels: collect and store the water from roofs and downspouts for future use.

$60.00 each plus tax

Pollinator Signs

Pollinator Signs: 12 x 12 signs come in three styles; Butterfly Garden, Butterflies at Play and Pollinator Garden.  

$20.00 each plus tax