Stream Stewardship

Just like a shop steward is responsible for managing a facility’s tools, materials, and processes, or an airline steward is responsible for the safety and comfort of the passengers, stream stewardship is the idea that each and every one of us is responsible for the sensible use of streams that flow through our landscape.    This shared responsibility includes understanding of how streams work and evolve, potential threats that can affect the health of a stream, and personal actions that can reduce or eliminate those threats.  

Our office assists with the organization of stewardship projects throughout the county, such as stream clean-ups and storm drain stenciling.  
Below are a list of informational brochures and websites with further information.  

Adopt Your Watershed
How to Clean-up Our Water
Storm Drain Stenciling Handbook 
Watershed Information Network  
How You Can Become a “STREAM STEWARD” Pamphlet