Stream Stewardship

What is the Stream Steward Certification Program?


Medina County is nestled at the headwaters of two major watersheds, Lake Erie and Ohio River. How we manage our streams has an impact on the water quality and overall habitat within those watersheds.

This course will consist of presentations, workshops, and hands-on field days aimed towards teaching participants how to identify issues impacting their local streams and how to help protect them. Participants will learn from experts in the community on how they can manage streams on their property or how to get involved with improving water quality around Medina County. 

Topics will include stream health, native & invasive plants, rain barrels, community efforts, and more!

Beginners are encouraged to apply, because this certification program is open to Medina County residents regardless of experience with streams!

To help ensure the greatest positive impact to the streams within our local communities, this certification program is currently offered to Medina County residents only.

Dates & locations of required classes

In order to receive the certification, it is required to attend all the classes. Locations will be disclosed after registering for certification. If you are unable to make a class, please contact Abby or Kellie by calling 330-722-9322.

Wed. June 5th, 9am-11am: Introduction Class
Wed. June 12th, 9am-11am: Stream Health & Habitat 
Sat. June 15th, 9am-11am: Stream Cleanup
Wed. June 26th, 9am-11am: Native & Invasive Streamside Plants
Sat. June 29th, 9am-11am: Invasive Species Pull
Wed. July 10th, 9am-11am: Rain Barrel Workshop & Green Infrastructure
Wed. July 17th, 9am-11am: Closing Class/Continuing Efforts
Wed. July 24th, 9am-11am: Rain date

Is there a cost associated with this program?

This certification course costs $65. Payment is due upon registering for the program. Payment of cash or check and registration form can be brought directly into the Medina County SWCD office or mailed in to 6090 Wedgewood Rd. Medina, OH 44256.

Please make check out to Medina County SWCD.

With cost of course you will receive a rain barrel, new skills, other small take home items.

How do I register?

Due to the certification program being limited to 20 people, registration is required by May 31st.  

Registration Form