Medina SWCD is updating their educational supplies and resources!

We are forming kits that the public and teachers can borrow to use to help with educational lessons. 
Kits and models can be borrowed for two week intervals with a refundable $25 deposit. 
Feel free to call our office with questions or to check availability.

We are also creating educational videos on our Medina SWCD YouTube channel.

See how pollution enters storm water with this 3D watershed model. Add fake pollutants to the model, and make it rain using a spray bottle. Pollutants flow through the landscape and join to compound in the lake.

Chemical Water Testing Kit:
Test the pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, phosphorous, and nitrates in a local creek. Use a kit net to collect macroinvertebrates and compare biology to chemistry.

Ground Water Flow Model:
Using this cross section of a landscape, see how ground water refills aquifers
 and how groundwater and wells can become contaminated.

Recycling Kit:
See how some materials never disappear but can be transformed into new products. This kit includes examples of how different products are ground down, reformed, or even upcycled.

Storm drain stenciling kits:

Protect your waterways by marking storm drains in your communities.

Kits to look forward to in the future:

Macroinvertebrate Sampling Kit

Non-point source pollution kit

Soil Exploration Kit

Project WET   
An interdisciplinary, supplementary environmental and conservation education program for educators of kindergarten through high school age young people. 

The program emphasizes various water bodies (oceans, lakes, rivers and wetlands) and their environmental impact on society. 

Workshop and presentations are available by request.  
Contact: Kellie Docherty at 330-722-9321 for more information.